Swedish Dental Expo seminars

During the Swedish Dental Expo, a cost-effective lecture program is offered over three days of high national and international quality with a focus on clinical benefit in the clinic. International and Swedish speakers are planned with program items and content aimed at all professional groups.

Nine program themes are planned for the lectures during the Swedish Dental Expo. These are:
1. Prevention, hygiene.
2. Supervision and controls.
 Dentoalveolar surgery
4. Fillings and facades
5. Endodontics and orthodontics
6. Implant-supported and tooth-supported prosthetics.
7. Dental technology (arranged in collaboration with the Swedish Association of Dental Technicians on 17 November)
8. Surgery and prosthetics.
9. Research.

Alongside the regular program, a dental assistant day will also be held on November 16th.

Why should you register for the lecture program in connection with the Swedish Dental Expo
1. A clear clinical program focus
2. Aimed at general dental care
3. For the entire dental care team
4. At a very reasonable cost

Book early offer

Take advantage of our book-early offer: SEK 500/day excluding VAT for bookings before September 15, then SEK 1000/day. Exhibition visits are free of charge.